Thursday, August 28, 2008

Congratulations Commute Smart Winners!

Spokane County and two local companies have been chosen as winners of the Governor's 'Commute Smart' awards. The awards were developed to recognize extraordinary efforts by Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) worksites in Washington State.

25 Commute Smart Award winners were chosen statewide. The Spokane County CTR Office nominated three employers, Pitney Bowes (for “Outstanding Management Leadership”), Rings & Things (for “Outstanding Achievement by a Voluntary Employer”), and Spokane County (for “Outstanding Achievement in Parking Management”).

All three were selected as winners and will be recognized at the 2008 Public Transportation Conference & Expo on Wednesday, September 10th in Kennewick.


Brian A. Sayrs said...

Congratulations, all! It's the efforts of these organizations, and literally hundreds of others, which are helping this region clean the air, reduce congestion, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and make travel time a bit less stressful.

I'm a big supporter of the Commute Trip Reduction program in Spokane County, and I look forward to expanding its influence throughout the region!

Way to go!

Dave Robertson said...

We're very happy to receive this award. Our owner and employees have strongly supported the CTR program, and hope it keeps growing!

at Rings & Things

SRTC Staff said...

Dave- I have so much about the lengths that Rings n' Things goes to in order to support CTR and it's quite impressive that a small business is willing to take these steps. Tell your owners and employees thanks from all us government transportation folks!

Dave Robertson said...

Hi, SRTC Staff :)

I will pass along your kind words!

at Rings & Things

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