Friday, October 9, 2009

We're Done Retreating Now- Although I'd Like To Go Back

So where were you all yesterday? We had the Board retreat and only a handful of the usual 'spectators' showed up (although my sister-in-law who reads this blog did ask me about it).

The retreat went well, although we got very far behind on the agenda and didn't get all the way through it. Board members had a lot of input on items like the interlocal agreement, MPO/RTPO responsibilities, and regional transportation project priorities so the discussion was good but we didn't cover as much ground as we would have liked. As a result, the November Board meeting will start at noon instead of 1 p.m. to give us time to cover some of the items we didn't get to.

My personal favorite part of the retreat? There's no cell or internet service at the Bear Creek Lodge on Mt. Spokane where we held it, so we had a captive audience. At so many meetings I go to, people are texting or tweeting, checking email, or getting up repeatedly to take calls. Not the case this time. And the lodge's owner, Sam, said he's heard from a lot of people that they like that about the lodge.

Everything else about the lodge was great too; it was a nice homey atmosphere with great food (huckleberry pancakes for breakfast- holy cow!) and service. We're somewhat of a fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants bunch, so they were very flexible with our changing agenda and special requests. And it was nice to get outside at breaks and during lunch to take a look around and plan a trip to the tubing hill this winter.

I'll be writing retreat notes up next week so if you're interested they'll be available online soon.

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