Thursday, March 20, 2008

Early Congestion Warning

Officials are predicting that two big events scheduled for the same night in Spokane could make for traffic gridlock. Read how the annual Lilac Parade and a Shock game could cause some major inconvenience, and give us your opinion; should the Shock game have been cancelled? And I know there are permitting and coordination process in place, so how does something like this happen? Just an oversight??


Anonymous said...

I bought tickets for the Shock game. Will I need to leave home early?

SRTC Staff said...

I would if I were you. I grew up here and have always had the mentality that it's Spokane, you can get anywhere in town in 15 minutes so never leave with extra time. Lately I've been late for a lot of things. It wasn't all at once that I noticed it, but all of a sudden it just clicked with me that there's a lot more traffic than there used to be and people actually DO come out for events. I've attended several events downtown recently, and there have been traffic delays for all of them. And when you consider that there will be TWO events this time, I'd play it safe if you want to see the kickoff.

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