Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bike Racks Needed

Spokesman-Review Letters to the editor
Bike racks good business

It's no surprise that more folks are opting out of driving and are turning to the simplicity, economy and sheer fun of riding a bicycle. Not only do cyclists incorporate physical fitness into their daily lives, they make our city more fit – less pollution, less traffic congestion, less wear and tear on our roads.

It is surprising, however, that some Spokane retailers have been slow to extend a simple welcome to cyclists by providing a bicycle rack in front of their establishments. Statistics show bicycle commuters usually have a good income and are willing to spend it. When a business does not provide a place for a cyclist to securely "park" his or her bike, it is saying, "I don't want your money. Keep pedaling until you find a place that does."

Luckily, it's a simple thing for a rider to do just that. Thanks to the Internet, when the searching cyclist finds a place that is bicycle-friendly, word gets out quickly. The bike rack eventually fills up – perhaps, too, the merchant's cash register.

Thanks to the many Spokane retailers who already understand this simple business concept.

John Griffith

I've been hearing this more and more often lately. For you folks who ride to work or other destinations, how hard is it to find a place to lock your bike up?

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