Thursday, July 17, 2008

University District/Downtown Spokane Transportation Improvement Study

The City of Spokane is seeking public comment on the draft University District/Downtown Spokane Transportation Improvement Study.

You can view the draft here.

The study is designed to determine transportation deficiencies, improve traffic flow and congestion problems, identify and establish safe travel routes for bicyclists and pedestrians, and evaluate future plans.

Significant issues addressed in the study, include:

Mitigating traffic congestion.
Improvements to pedestrian access and safety
Improvements to bicycle access, safety and parking facilities
Transit interactions with all modes of transportation
Understanding possible air quality impacts of future development.
Evaluating circulation concepts and their performance on the transportation system.
Converting parallel parking to angled parking.
Determining efficient traffic signal system operations.

Public comments are due by Aug. 8 and should be emailed to


Jim Grapes said...

Thanks for creating a blog and posting the study. I would have never found this information otherwise. I will try to introduce this study to my readers and work my way through it.

SRTC Staff said...

Thanks Jim, we'll be doing the same :)

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