Monday, September 22, 2008

To The Guy Changing His Clothes In The Bus Shelter...

So, last week I'm sitting on the bus at the Liberty Lake park and ride, waiting for it to leave. One of the other bus riders points out that there's a guy in the bus shelter CHANGING HIS CLOTHES! That's right, he rode his bike up, put it in the bike locker, then proceeded to change out of his riding clothes into his work attire right there in the bus shelter. All the way down to his skivvies! So, here's my public service announcement: THE GLASS THOSE BUS SHELTERS IS MADE OUT OF IS NOT THE FANCY STUFF WHERE YOU CAN SEE OUT BUT NO ONE ELSE CAN SEE IN. Consider yourself educated.


Barb Chamberlain said...

Lol funny. I posted a link to this on the Bike to Work site at I'm pretty sure our regular readers are classier than this, but it doesn't hurt to inform the cycling public of the special two-way glass :D.

Besides, regular clothes fit over bike stuff since it's pretty form-fitting. He could just do a Superman.


SRTC Staff said...

Thanks Barb. I've got to tell you though, the ladies on the bus didn't seem too offended. Most of the bike riders out there are in pretty decent shape ;)

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