Thursday, July 1, 2010

Don't Put Your Sign On State Right-Of-Way

The Washington State Department Of Transportation wants to remind you that if you're running for office, you can't put a campaign sign on state highway right-of-way.

Because it's not always easy to know the boundaries of a state highway right-of-way, here are a few clues:

*Utility poles are typically located inside the right-of-way. So no signs between the pole and the state highway.
*Many locations also have a fence line separating the right-of-way from private property. So again, no signs between the fence and the state highway.

Temporary political signs are allowed on private property visible from state highways. However, the property owner must consent, and the sign must comply with the WAC, as well as any local regulations.


Not said...

Political signs can't legally be posted on any public property. However, since it is not enforced, and politicians are not known for their integrity, the laws are irrelevant.
- Ventura

SRTC Staff said...

I think some of it is a case of people just not realizing it. I was waiting for the light at the Liberty Lake offramp last night, and there was a guy not 10 feet away trying to post a political sign. I yelled out the window that it was illegal in WSDOT right-of-way and he said 'No it's not!' I told him to check the laws and he said, 'I'm just a volunteer.' So maybe it's a case of not caring as well.

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