Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Yikes! Spokane Called Out For Downtown "Parking Crater"

Oh my, Spokane gets called on the carpet by Streetsblog for what they call a "parking atrocity." The Blog is having a spinoff of March Madness, called "Parking Madness," where they pit two communities against each other to find the worst parking crater in an American downtown.

Today, the competition is between Cleveland, OH and the "parking crater" surrounding our Convention Center downtown. You can read the charges against each city and vote here. If you do, please let us know your thoughts on Spokane being involved in this cage match of parking and if you think it is deserved. If it is, and the land around the convention center should be used for something else, what do you think should go in there?


Charles Hansen said...

Maybe the China Town we got rid of in the 1930s would be better than a parking lot? I remember before Expo that area was a row of taverns and flop houses, so the way it is today is a big improvement to what was there before.

SRTC Staff said...

Ha! I guess it's all relative huh? I think some more stores or restaurants would be good but our downtown is so big that there's plenty of space, and open buildings, for those closer to the heart of downtown, like near the mall.

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