Monday, January 19, 2015

WA Senator Works To Bring Back "Free Coffee" Signs

If you pay any attention to transportation at all, you know that transportation funds are severely limited and all projects and programs are funded on their "priority" level these days. If something is a major priority, chances are money will be allocated to make it happen. If it's not a priority, well, good luck but it's not going to happen.

Well, one Washington Senator sure knows a priority when he sees one: free coffee. Yep, Kirk Person, R-Monroe, filed legislation this week to reinstate those old road signs advertising free coffee at rest stops. You used to see them all the time but the Department of Transportation has started to phase them out for a couple reasons.

The News Tribune has the story, as well as why this bill is kinda... maybe... sorta controversial.

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Charles said...

I remember walking down the edge of the freeway to change the Free Coffee sign years ago when I volunteered at the Sprague Rest Stop. I do miss the signs today, but when I stop at a rest stop I do try to help out who ever is there.

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