Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How Did We Ever Live Without Smart Luggage? I Don't Know But I'm Still Doing It

So you've got the smart phone and tablet. What else could you possibly need for traveling besides comfortable shoes? Smart luggage, apparently.

CBS Miami says you can now get a suitcase that comes with a built-in charging device, an app that tells you exactly how much your bag weights and a place for a sim card. That way, if your luggage gets lost, you can locate it's exact location through an app on your phone.

And the ChargerLeash lets you know if you are leaving your charger behind in your hotel room or airport. A loud alarm will go off, reminding you to grab it. And probably scaring the heck out of everyone else.

While some of these gadgets are cool, keep in mind that they may add expenses to your traveling. Some may require monthly GPS or cellular service to connect to the internet.

Also keep  in mind that manufacturers still have to follow TSA guidelines on all luggage, and even the suitcases that unlock through your personal phone will also open with a TSA master key. 

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