Monday, July 20, 2015

Ford's New "Smart" Headlights

Ford is debuting new prototype headlights that can detect and warn drivers of people, animals, or other hazards on or near the road at night. The "Spot Lighting" system, as it's called, uses infra-red cameras to identify objects, then adjusts the direction of the lights so they are easier to see. When something is detected up ahead, the system highlights the people/animals on the navigation display, framing them in yellow or red, depending on how much of a danger they might be.  Then, LED lamps next to the regular lights will swing to the right or left, making the hazards easier to see.

The lights will also widen their beams automatically when the system detects intersections or turns, improving visibility for the driver.


Charles Hansen said...

Well the Tucker auto had a headlight that turned with the steering, but this is very high tech. Looks good for unlit roads.

SRTC Staff said...

It's a prototype so you know what that means- we may never actually see it on a car available to the public!

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