Wednesday, December 9, 2015

$1.8 Million Awarded to Spokane Valley Projects

Three project applications submitted by the city of Spokane Valley will be funded by the Washington State Transportation Improvement Board (TIB).

According to a news release, those projects include new sidewalks installed along the east side of Bowdish Road from 8th Avenue to 12
th Avenue. This project also includes adding sidewalks on the south side of 11th Avenue from Bowdish Road east to Wilbur Road. These sidewalks will provide a safer route for students at Opportunity Elementary School and encourage students and parents to walk to and from school.
McDonald Road from 8
th Avenue to Mission Avenue will receive new pavement and sidewalk curb ramps. The TIB funding will supplement current funding to reconfigure McDonald from Sprague Avenue to Mission Avenue into a 3-lane road with bike lanes. Bike lanes will also be added from Sprague Avenue to 16th Avenue. The repaving will make McDonald Road safer for both drivers and bicyclists. The new bike lanes will allow better access to the future Appleway Trail.

A new traffic signal will be installed at the intersection of Mirabeau Parkway and Pines Road (SR 27). The signal will accommodate an increased amount of traffic along Mirabeau Parkway and Pines Road, making it easier for motorists to get through this area. The signal will also provide a safer crossing point for students walking to and from Trent Elementary School.

The cost for the three projects is approximately $2,806,310, of which the TIB grant will cover $1,878,129. The projects will be put into place within the next few years but specific construction dates haven't been set yet.

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