Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Creepy Traffic Safety Campaign Is Strangely Fascinating

This is Graham. He has the perfect body. The perfect body for what, you ask, being used as a
battering ram? Nope, Graham is a simulation by the Victoria, Australia traffic safety campaign Towards Zero, of what the human body would have to look like to cope with the impact of a traffic crash.

The human body can only withstand certain amounts of force in a car accident- the impact forces of less than 20 miles per hour are enough to be fatal if a pedestrian was struck or a car collided with a tree.

The campaign's aim is to remind people how vulnerable our bodies are and to show them what they would look like if we were built to survive car crashes. Kind of creepy right? Well here's more if you want to see Graham in all his 360-degree glory and find out more about this campaign.

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