Monday, August 31, 2009

This Kind Of Run-In With Police Isn't Good Either

Oops, this kid's got to be embarrassed. Spokane police say a child on a bicycle slammed his bike into a slow moving police patrol car over the weekend, but wasn't seriously hurt.

The accident happened near an alley at Seventh Avenue and Oak Street Saturday evening when the Spokane police officer was responding to a non-emergency call.

The boy was wearing a helmet and bounced off the car, which wasn't damaged.

The boy didn't get in trouble, but police did teach him that rules of the road apply to alleys, and that gives the vehicle moving through the alley the right of way over a bicycle entering the alley.


Rachel said...

My husband was once driving down the street and suddenly the side of his car was plowed into by a cyclist exiting an alley. We know the cyclist was at fault because he hit the side of my husband's moving vehicle! It was amusing, there were these black rubbery streaks all way along the side of his door.a

SRTC Staff said...

He's lucky he just got black streaks on his door! That would have scared the &^%$# out of me. Did the cyclist get cited? Did he clean the streaks off the car?

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