Friday, August 14, 2009

What's Worse; Drinking & Driving Or Talking & Driving?

For those of you who just looked at your watch and thought, "When is this &^%$ day going to get over already??" here's a little something to entertain you while you're killing time until 5:00.

What's more dangerous, drinking and driving or talking on the phone and driving? The folks at the publication 'Mobile' took one for the team and did a very non-scientific experiment to find the answer so that you don't have to.

Their goal: To find out if their subject could stay on the road while besotted or blathering. Here's the results.


vanillajane said...


That is a freaking hilarious intro! (No, I haven't started the Friday night cocktail hour, yet.)

HA HA!!!

SRTC Staff said...

Well, the boss doesn't know this but I am just biding my time here until one of the big media giants discovers me :) Oh wait, I already did the media thing and tried to chew my own arm off to get out of it.

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