Wednesday, September 16, 2009

US 2 Update, US 195 Ramp To Open, & Deer Park May Have Set A Construction Speed Record

A couple things to take note of:

- Repair work on US 2 between Deer Road and Farwell Road in north Spokane should wrap up later tonight and traffic should be restored to three lanes with one southbound and two northbound lanes.

Yesterday, a portion of the asphalt in the southbound lane of US 2 had cracked and was being repaired.

- The new ramp on US 195 at Cheney-Spokane Road is also expected to be complete and open to traffic tonight.

- The City of Deer Park just showed the big guys how to do business. They were the first of the local jurisdictions to get their act together, spend their American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (also known as ARRA. Also known as stimulus) money, and complete their stimulus project. They opened their Crawford Avenue widening project and roundabout to traffic last night after a whirlwind construction period.

And the other impressive thing about it is that Director of Community Service Roger Krieger says, when they opened the roundabout at 9 p.m. last night, cars started moving through it immediately and very smoothly with no incidents. And that trend continued today. Roger says they didn't even do much public education on how to use a roundabout, so the driving public must be more acquainted with roundabout ettiquette than when I was part of a roundabout opening several years ago. Opening day was not pretty in that case.

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