Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Writer Doesn't Support TBD

Spokesman-Review Letters to the Editor
Car tab hike? No way

Here we go again. The big brains running Spokane County have come up with another creative new fee (up to $100) proposed to be added to our car tabs. Just watch, next up, higher taxes (sales and property). Now that’s a sure-fire answer to Spokane County’s financial woes. Not!

Yes, Spokane County is in a pickle. But, commissioners, how about putting some gray matter to work and come up with a smart, long-term plan we can all live with? One that might even cut some costs (there must be some government waste you can uncover?) and encourage new businesses with good jobs to move to Spokane (not Post Falls). But first, read my lips, no new taxes or fees.

And while you’re at it, add my name to the list calling for that bottomless pit, better known as Spokane Raceway Park, to be put on the auction block so it can be back where it belongs, in the hands of private enterprise. Just what were you thinking?

When the best and the brightest should be leading Spokane County, why do we settle for dwindle de and twiddle dumb? Take care voters, or we could be back to having the Three Stooges running this place. Three guesses as to what’s wrong with this picture, but the first two don’t count.

Peter Ice

I could be mistaken, but I believe Mr. Ice is saying he doesn't support the proposed Transportation Benefit District (TBD). Not surprising, considering the state of the economy. Here's an earlier post I did on the proposed TBD. Read it then let me know how you'll vote if it goes to a public vote. Keep in mind that if you want better roads, we have to pay for them somehow.


Anonymous said...

Its hard to take this guy too seriously. Wayne's World and Bush Sr. quotes? Alice in Wonderland and American vaudeville references? Really? Its the same tired rhetoric about finding government "efficiencies" and dumping long term investments like public park land to fund capital projects and maintenance programs.

Yawn. Wake me up when somebody who has any real ideas writes in.

SRTC Staff said...

Thanks for the comment Anonymous. I was thinking along similar lines but, as a government transportation employee, of course I was.

Not said...

I would prefer a higher gas tax over higher registration fees. With a higher gas tax, the user thinks "maybe I should drive less" every time they buy gas, instead of "maybe I should get rid of the third car" once a year when they pay for the registration.
Also, a higher gas tax should encourage the use a more fuel-efficient vehicles.
- Ventura

SRTC Staff said...

Good point Ventura. It's a top-of-mind issue. Everyone complains when they're paying for the tabs but quickly forgets about it.

Does anyone remember pre- I-695 when you paid a registration fee based on the year/make of car you owned? I kind of liked that because I figure the guy driving the 09 Mercedes can probably afford a $500 registration while my 12 year old Dodge usually came in at or below $100.

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