Monday, January 31, 2011

Pedestrian Struck & Killed By Police Car

There's been another pedestrian killed by a car. And this time it was a police officer that hit and killed the person walking. The Spokesman-Review has the details.

The Spokane Regional Health District is launching a campaign to increase safety between cars and bicycles and cars and pedestrians. Last week they had asked us to make a series of maps showing the locations and numbers of accidents involving cars and bicyclists or walkers, plus how severe the collision was. We were kind of surprised at the sheer numbers after looking at the results, and the numbers don't even go through 2010, when there were several accidents. Here's a link to those maps. Check out the downtown area. It looks like someone spilled paint on it.


Charles said...

I don't care who has the right of way, a car and pedestrian accident always hurts the pedestrian more than the car. I wait for an opening when I am walking.

SRTC Staff said...

I pray when I am walking lately. The number of times I get yelled at for crossing when the signal tells me to is ridiculous. No one wants to wait.

vanillajane said...

Some drivers own EVERYTHING!!! They are SO SELFISH!!!

I wonder how they feel when their tempers cause the lifetime injuries or death of someone.

Hopefully there is remorse and personal reflection.

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