Monday, January 24, 2011

Snuggie Sighting On The Bus

I SWEAR that I saw a woman on the bus either wearing a snuggie or a full-length bathrobe this morning. I walked by the Altamont #46 at the Plaza and glanced in for some reason and there she was! She was standing at the front talking to the driver wearing some sort of loungewear that was an aqua green with some kind of multi-colored pattern on it. Who would have though? The snuggie is now public transit wear!


Julie L said...

Well, the snuggie on the bus is odd, but may be preferable what I see a lot on the 90 route in the afternoon, which is way, way too much skin showing - both the guys and the ladies are guilty of this.

SRTC Staff said...

I guess I'm out of touch with things. The guys are scantily clad too??? Hmmm, my route is boring cause it's a commuter route; all the government, bank, and legal workers are respectfully dressed.

Julie L said...

It's the guys too. This time of year it's mostly saggy pants revealing that which should be not be seen. But in the summer time super floppy tank tops with really large, deeply cut arm holes make their appearance as well.

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