Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Dig That Tribal Look

Congratulations, you made it halfway through the week already. And still no serious amount of snow in the 'metropolitan' area. To help you get through the rest of the week, here's a hilarious clip from the show Portlandia to remind you that warmer bicycle weather is on the way. But if you ride, don't ride like this guy.

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SRTC is the federally designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for Spokane County. Urbanized areas with populations exceeding 50,000 people are required to have an MPO. SRTC was formed to address the county's transportation planning needs. It provides coordination in planning between the public, cities, small towns, the county, the state, transit providers, and tribes.

SRTC offers services including transportation monitoring, transportation modeling, census information analysis, travel demand forecasting, historical traffic count analysis, geographic information systems, and trip generation rates.