Monday, January 16, 2012

Letter Writer Calls For Moratorium On Street Construction

Spokesman-Review Letter to the Editor
Rethink street construction

We need to have a moratorium on street construction until we can study what works, how people really use streets, and do it with an open mind rather than a set of preconceived ideas. Streets too hazardous will have to be modified. Some of the newer streets are frightening to drive down, much less to ride a bike, walk or run. There are streets in nearby communities that function better than those we have in Spokane now.

A street should fit the neighborhood instead of forcing neighborhoods to accept a street that’s incompatible. One size fits all doesn’t work. As in medicine, what may cure one patient will kill another.

Each neighborhood needs to have a design review committee. We would use the Neighborhood Councils and Steering Committees that already exist, and give the neighborhood coordinators expanded duties.

You never know where a good idea is going to come from. To say something can to be done only one way is closed-minded thinking. To not do something for fear of setting a precedent stifles progress. We need room to experiment, to try new ideas and question the old ones. This is how we can move forward in a positive manner.

Charlie Greenwood

While I agree with Mr. Greenwood that one kind of streets doesn't always meet the needs of all users, I disagree with the idea of a moratorium. We can't put off fixing our streets; many are already in such disrepair that they can't wait for maintenance. Other thoughts on Mr. Greenwood's letter?


Charles Hansen said...

We do need to finish the roads we are building like the NSC, but a moratorium on brand new roads is OK until the economy warrants new construction. As for repairing that should never end as long as the road is still being used.

SRTC Staff said...

Point taken @Charles, on the new roads. A lot of people are saying lately that we should scale back on new construction and just maintain what we have for now.

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