Thursday, February 23, 2012

Balloon Animals, Intoxicated Riders and A Stun Gun Display; Don't Worry These Are Actually The Exception To The Rule

Every once in a while my sister-in-law will relate a story to me of something that happened on her East Sprague bus route or I'll ask readers of this blog if they've ever witnessed anything out of the ordinary on the bus.

Well the Inlander took it a step further and got incident reports from Spokane Transit Authority for 2011. And some interesting stuff occured on occasion, including a man making balloon animals for other riders, which my sister-in-law has told me about before. Here's the Inlander's story. And while a lot of the stories are amusing, there are a couple instances that could have gotten ugly. But keep in mind that, based on statistics, the chances of an injury or other negative incident happening to you on the bus are actually pretty slim. So sit back and just enjoy the ride.


Julie L said...

Earlier this week I overheard a man talking on his cell phone telling his listener that he just found out that if the Sun went out the earth would freeze. He must not have been paying too much attention in 3rd grade science class.

SRTC Staff said...

Wow, I would have liked to have heard the other end of that conversation as well.

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