Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bridge For Sale. You Haul

For sale: one historic bridge, as-is, no refunds.
Hmmmm.... I see a money making opportunity we can learn from here. The Alaska Department of Transportation is putting Juneau's Brotherhood Bridge up for sale. The sale comes with some strings though; the buyer must agree to remove and preserve the historic structure.

So here are my thoughts, scattered and off-the-wall as they are:

1.) We buy the bridge and put it up in place of one of our deteriorating structures. It couldn't be in a whole lot worse shape then one or two of ours right? We're always talking about the state of our bridges and it's common knowledge that we need updates and replacements across the state.

- Or -

2.) My favorite- Let's take a cue from the ADOT and sell some of our older bridges. Who's got room for the Latah Creek Bridge in their backyard? The Greene Street Bridge is slated for improvements but will most likely need to be replaced to increase the weight load it can handle within the next ten years- who wants it as a nice peice of garden art?

Okay, neither are really feasible but here's the Anchorage Daily News article if you want to read it.

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