Friday, October 12, 2012

Would You Pay To Drive Fast?

Would you pay to drive fast? How about really fast? That's what folks are apparently willing to do in Texas, where a toll road with an 85 mph speed limit- yes you heard me right!- opens this month. 85 mph is the highest speed limit in the country.

And the price to use this racetrack- I mean corridor- is only about $6 for personal vehicles! The San Antonio Express News has the story.


Charles said...

Well Texas is a big state so probably long drives with a faster speed limit would help, but even without the toll I think it would cost more, both in gas and car wrecks.

SRTC Staff said...

I thought they'd jack the price up for a couple of reasons- 1.) to pay for the facility faster (or even to go toward other transportation projects) and 2.) to keep the number of people using it somewhat low. The more people driving 85 mph, the more wrecks you're going to have, like you said.

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