Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mass. Transpo Secretary Says No More Superhighways In His State

Massachusett's Transportation Secretary is getting serious. I've been saying for a while now that the trend appears to be toward a mode shift away from a single driver in a car and Richard Davey says his state isn't messing around anymore, he's starting a mode shift campaign, and it’s time for people to get out of their cars and onto trains, buses, bikes, and their own two feet.

He says he plans to triple the share of trips taken by those modes, as opposed to single-occupancy vehicles,
and that there will be no more superhighways built in Massachusetts. While a lot of states have been going that direction, none have come out and said so directly. has the story.


Charles said...

I agree I think we have enough roads, just finish the ones that are not done and then put more into repairs of the roads we have and mass transit, bike lanes, and sidewalks.

SRTC Staff said...

I was trying to think of a place where a new road could get me someplace I can't get already or get me somewhere more conveniently and I think you've hit the nail on the head- we've got enough roads. And most of them need repairs so probably time to revamp how we think about things. Thanks Charles.

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