Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Could Stick Shifts Be The Answer To Teen Distracted Driving?

Worried about your teen using his or her phone while driving? KING 5 News says providing them with a manual transmission car to drive could be the key to keep this from happening.


Movers and Packers Lucknow said...

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Rachel said...

Seems like they'd still be distracted by either going with a headset, or... more likely... by letting go of the wheel each time they need to shift.

If someone wants to get rich, they should sell a cell phone jamming device you can install in your car. Make it somehow only allow calls to 911. ;)

SRTC Staff said...

I learned to drive on a stick and I remember that it sure didn't seem to interfere with me messing with the radio buttons or combing my big early 1990s hair. There wasn't the term 'distracted driving' for it then though :)

Hmmm... I bet there's a mom out there somewhere taking apart an old baby monitor to try to make just such a device.

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