Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spokane City Parking Getting A Makeover

Looking toward the future, and maybe brining in a couple bucks, the City of Spokane is overhauling its on-street parking system. Under new Business and Developer Services Director Jan Quintral, the City is installing new technology that will let people pay for parking easier, but also for the City to give tickets and collect on them.

It's not all about shaking down drivers though- in an effort to rebrand parking, parking enforcement officers have been renamed "parking ambassadors" and there is a movement to get stickers put on meters informing drivers that the money they pay for parking will go to sidewalks and landscaping, rather than the general fund.

So when does the new technology come into play and how will two hour meters give the City extra revenue? The Inlander has the story.


Charles said...

Well I have not used a downtown parking meter in years, I do use the 10 hour ones by the Health Department sometimes when I go to the courthouse. I try to take the bus as much as possible when I go downtown.

SRTC Staff said...

So kindler, gentler parking attitude won't lure you in? I do have to say I'm glad they're going to pay by debit or card as I can NEVER find change in my purse. Until I don't need it anymore. Then that's all I can find.

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