Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Lots of US 195 Construction Planned This Year

US 195 between Pullman and Spokane will be a very busy highway this year with four large pavement jobs under construction. Two asphalt paving jobs will begin in Whitman County. In addition, an asphalt paving project and a concrete rehabilitation job are slated for Spokane County.
Contractor crews working for the Washington State Department of Transportation will handle the tasks with four work zones spread over a 76-mile section of highway.

•  US 195/SR 27 (Pullman) to Babbitt Road — This resurfacing project begins mid-May. It’s expected to take about seven weeks to complete. This is daytime work and drivers should expect delays with flaggers and pilot cars directing traffic. One important note: In the north half of the project, the base asphalt layer will be paved with a “cold, in-place, recycled pavement” process.  This process requires a curing period before traffic can drive on the fresh asphalt.  There may be times when the lane is closed but no active work seems to be underway.

•  US 195/Colfax to Dry Creek Road — This is an eight week asphalt paving job with a planned start in mid-June. Work is scheduled for evening and overnight hours to help reduce the delays for drivers. The project includes repaving Main Street in downtown Colfax. There will be some daytime lane restrictions near the railroad crossing at the north end of Colfax.

•  US 195/Plaza to Cornwall Road — A mid-July start is planned for this asphalt paving project. It’s expected to take five weeks to complete. This is daytime work and drivers should expect delays with flaggers and pilot cars directing single-lane, alternating traffic.

•  US 195/Excelsior Road to Interstate 90 — This 16-week project begins in mid-July. The project will improve the southbound lanes of US 195 using several techniques. Some concrete panels will be removed and replaced. Contractor crews will also jack up some of the panels. That involves pumping grout under the concrete panel to bring it up to the same level as the others. Cracks in other concrete panels will be sealed. Work is scheduled during daytime hours and one lane of southbound US 195 will be open at all times. There may be some minor disruptions to traffic near the on/off ramps and intersections.

You can view a map of all four projects on the US 195-2015 construction website.

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