Monday, September 19, 2016

Local Road Construction Update

Seven Mile Bridge & Seven Mile Road- Work is underway on the bridge approach. Watch for loose gravel and a reduced speed limit of 25 mph. A bypass road is in place. 

Hawthorne Road East (US 395 to US 2)- Road reconstruction, stormwater upgrades, curb, signal, bike, striping; paving operations have begun look for additional road access restrictions.The road is closed.

Argonne Road (Spokane River to Wellesley)- Argonne is reduced to one lane in each direction for road reconstruction and stormwater retrofitting. Expect long delays. Right turns only at Maringo Dr. (no cross traffic movements).

Country Homes (Wall to SR 395)- Stormwater work in the raised islands. Traffic is one lane in each direction on the north side of the islands. Side road access to and from Country Homes Blvd. is restricted.

44th from Locust to Ponderosa- Reduced to a two lane gravel roadway with speeds reduced to 15 mph through October 7. 

44th from Schafer Branch to Ponderosa-
Reduced to one lane from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. weekdays through October 7.

Appleway from Park to Dishman-Mica-
Reduced to two lanes through October for street improvement work with sidewalk, lane, and temporary side street closures. Local access and access to businesses will remain available.

Bates, Rego and Wilbur-
Bates from Boone to Rego will be narrowed with flaggers directing traffic from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. As part of the same project, Wilbur between Boone to Broadway and Rego from Bates to Wilbur will be closed to all but local traffic through October 3 for stormwater improvements. 
Desmet from Thierman to Bradley- Will be closed to all but local traffic from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday, September 19 for paving.

McDonald northbound from Mission to Broadway
and McDonald southbound from Mission to Sprague - Reduced to one lane.

Sprague from University to Bowdish-
Closed to all traffic on Friday, September 23 from 5:45 p.m. until the end of the Valleyfest parade.

Sullivan Road Bridge Replacement Project- 
Northbound traffic is reduced to one lane. Turns from Indiana onto northbound Sullivan are reduced to one lane.  One southbound lane is closed at Flora Pit Rd. during working hours.

US 2/Spotted Road to I-90 Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)- Installation of fiber optic cable along US 2 from mile post 281 to 283. Possible shoulder and/or night lane restrictions.

US 395-NSC/Freya & Wellesley Intersection Roundabout- Roundabout construction. The Wellesley/Freya intersection is closed to traffic. A signed detour is in place. This is a long-term closure that is in place 24 hours a day, seven days per week, for the duration of the project.  Planned completion is late Monday, Oct. 10.

US 395-Division Street/Hawthorne Rd. Intersection Improvements- Intersection improvements and new signal system. Hawthorne Road is closed east of Division. Division Street turn lanes are closed. All mainline lanes of Division are open.

25th Avenue, Southeast Boulevard to Lacey Court- 
25th Avenue is scheduled to reopen Monday, September 19 or Tuesday, September 20. This project reconstructed 25th Avenue.  

37th Avenue, Regal Street to Custer Street- 37th Avenue from Freya to Custer Street is closed. The detour is Glenrose to Palouse Highway to Regal Street. This work is to reconstruct the road, including pavement replacement, curbs, sidewalk, bike lanes, stormwater piping, and a new water main.

Ben Burr Trail and Connection to the Centennial Trail- Crews are installing new crossing and ADA ramps on 2nd Avenue, closing the street from Napa to Arthur Street. Lane restrictions are in pace on 2nd Avenue between Altamont and Napa. Freeway exit 282B has been reduced to one lane.  Third Avenue has lane restrictions from Arthur to Altamont Street.  The crossing at Perry Street under the I-90 freeway is closed. Crews are installing new ADA ramp in these locations.

This project will design and construct a shared use paved trail connection for bicyclists and pedestrian as well as security lighting.  The project will be from the Centennial Trail at the Gonzaga Bridge southeast of Erie Street and continuing to Liberty Park where a connection will be made to the existing Ben Burr Trail.  The trail will then continue on the existing Ben Burr Trail to the trailhead immediately south of Underhill Park.

Bridge Avenue and Monroe Street CSO WorkSummit Boulevard/Bridge Avenue is closed to traffic. 
Lincoln has one northbound lane open.  Lincoln southbound is closed at Broadway. This project will construct a Combined Sewer Overflow Tank (CSO) tank and piping.

Hazels Creek Stormwater Treatment Project- Work continues on Freya south of 37th Avenue to construct a stormwater treatment system with disposal ponds and stormwater piping.  This system will be an extension of the existing Hazel’s Creek Facility on 42nd Avenue.

Indiana Avenue from Dakota to Perry Street- Electrical, water and storm work is underway. Hamilton Street will have lane closures as crews do curb and signal work on each corner from Monday, September 19 to Monday, September 26 between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Perry St. is reduced to one lane in each direction for work in the Perry/Indiana intersection.  Crescent Ave. east of the Perry/Indiana intersection will be closed at the intersection and railroad crossing.  Crescent Ave. east and north of the railroad tracks will remain open and provide access to Avista’s campus.  

This project includes curb ramps, storm swales, new curb, waterline replacement, signal installation work and some parking removal.

Main Avenue Restriping Project- The north two lanes of Main Avenue from Washington to Pine Street are closed.  Restriping of the area will limit parking access for short durations. The project calls for restriping, an entry feature, a flexible multi-purpose space in the center of the street that can be used for different purposes during different times, mid-block crossing with curb extensions and planting, mid-block planters and benches and a parking system with kiosks.

Martin Luther King Jr. Way Phase 2A, Sherman to Erie Street- 
Rock excavation is in progress. This is a continuation of the Riverside Extension Phase 1 project. This project will provide an efficient route that eliminates several safety issues and increases capacity into and out of the downtown area. Improvements include a new asphalt street, utility infrastructure, storm drainage improvements, street lighting, street trees, and re-vegetation with native species. In lieu of sidewalks, the project will construct a section of the Ben Burr trail.

Monroe/Lincoln Street Couplet, 8th Avenue to 2nd Avenue- Paving is scheduled Tuesday, September 20 from the north side of 4th Avenue to the south side of 5th Avenue. The intersection of 5th Avenue and Lincoln will close during paving. Lincoln paving from 5th to 8th Avenue will take place Thursday, September 22 – Saturday, September 25.

This project reconstructs the roadway and installs storm water and water facilities.  

Pettet Drive/TJ Meenach Combined Overflow (CSO 12) Project- Pettet Drive is closed to traffic. The clover leaf that services TJ Meenach, Down River and Pettit Drive (three out of the four legs) will be in service. The leg that comes off of Pettit north bound will re-direct citizens to Northwest Blvd. Vehicles traveling southbound on Down River Drive have two options; enter onto TJ Meenach or continue under the bridge and turn uphill to Northwest Blvd. This project will build a storage facility and connections to existing CSO Basin 10 outfall.  Work also includes repaving of Pettet Drive and pedestrian/bike trail construction.

Wall Street, Main Avenue to Spokane Falls Boulevard- Sidewalk and curb installation is in progress.  Wall Street is anticipated to be completed by September 30. This work is to construct storm water improvements, sidewalks, new asphalt pavement, traffic signal revisions, an irrigation system, and add lighting.

1st Avenue Et Al, Erie to Helena- Water Main installation work is ongoing at the following locations. This project will provide storm water conveyance to Pacific and Perry Infiltration Facility and replace old water distribution lines. The project also includes associated street construction.

  • 1st Avenue from Erie Street to Helena Street
  • Perry Street from 1st Avenue to Sprague Avenue
  •  Ivory Street from 2nd Avenue to Sprague Avenue
  • Helena Street from 1st Avenue to Sprague Avenue
  • Perry Street from 2nd Avenue to Hogan Street

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