Wednesday, December 7, 2016

There Are Monsters In Them Thar Subways

Wednesday, why do you taunt me?? Well, while you're killing time until Friday, here is something to keep your mind off Wednesday. Subway monsters. Yes, monsters in New York's subway. And here's proof.

For the past four years, Brooklynite Ben Rubin has been using his daily commute time on the subway to take photos of his fellow riders, then dress them up a little. With monsters and political figures.

He uses an iPad drawing app to make his photos more fun, then posts his creations on Instagram and
Facebook, under the name Subway Doodle

While most of his drawings are just for fun, some are commentary on what he sees on the subway or on current politics. For instance, last year, he posted a picture of cartoon Trump building a brick wall around a Latino rider right in the middle of a subway car.

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