Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Montreal Signs & Signals Puzzle Pedestrians

Quick! What are all these signs saying?? Well, you've got a red light which means vehicles must stop. You've also got A red hand which means pedestrians shouldn't walk. And there's some sort of black octagon with a red line through it. Just say no to stop signs? Black octagons should be outlawed?

If you drive, walk or bicycle in Montreal, Canada, you're faced with all these signs daily, plus more. and many people say the signs are inconsistent from intersection to intersection. Which gives them, pardon the pun, mixed signals.

Now police are launching a pedestrian safety campaign to, as the Montreal Gazette says "keep the dead and wounded on city roads to a minimum." That's apparently going to take some work though, considering the issue of the signage. Here's the story.

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