Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Domino's Franchise Turns to Delivery By Bike

A Dominos francise in Portland is delivering pizza by bike. Photo: Bike PortlandJimmy John's delivers by bike in Spokane and I saw someone taking a really good smelling pizza home on the bus the other night, so why shouldn't food be delivered in different ways than a guy in a car?

One Portland Domino's franchise is getting in on the act, delivering pizzas by three wheel bike (also known as a tricycle for those of you who will call me out on this) with a special warming box mounted on the back.

Managers there say, depending on who the rider is, delivery by bicycle can be quicker than a car, maintenance is low, and delivery "drivers" don't have to worry about wear and tear to their own vehicle or parking tickets. StreetsBlog has more on this story.

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