Friday, May 6, 2016

Local Road Construction Update

I-90/Eastbound Monroe St. On- Ramp- Continuing through as late as Monday, May 9, the eastbound I-90/Monroe Street On Ramp is closed for water pipe installation.  This closure will be in effect 24 hours per day.  Surface street traffic is directed to the Division/Browne on ramp via a detour.

US 195 Southbound/I-90 to Excelsior- Southbound US 195 will be reduced to one lane when work is underway to seal roadway shoulders, possibly Monday and Tuesday.  This work is weather dependent.

2016 Street Maintenance Curb Ramp Project- Work has begun on Lyons Avenue from Perry St. to Pittsburg Street. This year’s project will include work in the following areas to install ADA compliant curb ramps at each corner intersection:
  • Maxwell Avenue from Belt to Ash Street
  • 7th Avenue from Browne to Division Street
  • Thurston Avenue from Lee to Regal StreetIndian Trail Road from Ridgecrest Drive to City Limits
  • Park Place from Euclid to Columbia Avenue
  • Wellington Place from Alice to Glass Avenue
  • Lyons Avenue from Perry to Pittsburg Street
  • Myrtle Street From Marietta to Frederick Avenue

Addison/Standard Bicycle/Pedestrian Corridor from Buckeye to Holland- Work is underway from Lincoln to Bridgeport on Addison and Standard for the next two weeks. This work will be for sidewalk and driveway installation. This project will complete a major bicycle and pedestrian corridor.  It will add new bike lanes and sidewalks along the entire corridor and make improvements to existing bike lanes.

Bridge Avenue and Monroe Street CSO Work- Rock blasting begins Monday, May 9 and lasts two to four weeks. Cars and pedestrians will be stopped from entering near the excavation location for up to 10 minutes. Traffic Control will control car and pedestrian traffic for safety. Bridge Avenue is closed.  Lincoln has one northbound lane open.  Lincoln southbound is closed at Broadway with local access maintained to Anthony’s restaurant and parking lots. This project will construct a Combined Sewer Overflow Tank (CSO) tank and the necessary piping for our Cleaner River Faster Program.

Havana Street Improvements from Glenrose Road to 37th Avenue- Havana Street is closed. 
Improvements include full width pavement replacement, complete sidewalk gaps and pilot project porous asphalt bicycle lanes.  This project will also include installation of a water main between 37th Avenue and the Brown Park reservoirs at 57th Avenue.

Indiana Avenue from Dakota to Perry Street- The water department is conducting pre-construction work along this project.  Indiana will have temporary closures at times with a detour route during this scheduled work. This project will include curb ramps, storm swales, new curb, waterline replacement, signal installation work and some parking removal

Mission Lane Closure- The southern eastbound lane and the sidewalk on Mission near the corner of Mission & Washington will be closed through May 25 for sidewalk repairs.

Pettet Drive/TJ Meenach Combined Sewer Overflow Project- Beginning Monday, May 2, Pettet Drive will have a full closure into November. The clover leaf that services TJ Meenach, Down River and Pettit Drive (three out of the four legs) will be in service. The leg that comes off of Pettit, north bound will re-direct citizens to Northwest Blvd. Vehicles that are traveling southbound on Down River Drive will have two options; enter onto TJ Meenach or continue under the bridge and turn uphill to Northwest Blvd. This project will build a 690,000 gallon storage facility and connections to existing CSO Basin 10 outfall.  Work also includes repaving of Pettet Drive and pedestrian/bike trail construction.

Rowan Avenue Improvements from Driscoll Boulevard to Monroe Street- Rowan Avenue from Alberta to Monroe Street is closed.  The intersection of Alberta, Belt, Ash, and Maple will remain open to north and southbound traffic. There will also be restrictions on both Maple and Ash May 9 – 23 at the intersections. This project is for reconstruction work from Driscoll Blvd. to Monroe Street. The project also includes installation of bike lanes, filling sidewalk gaps and replacing water lines.

Wellesley/Freya Utility Work for Future Roundabout-  Water and sewer work begins Monday, May 9 and is expected to continue through the end of July.  This work is in preparation for a future roundabout being installed by WSDOT
o   Wellesley will be closed from Market to Rebecca
o   Freya will be closed from Broad to Longfellow.

Market Street (Parksmith to Farwell)- Road closed for sewer and fiber optic installation and rehabilitation of the roadway. A marked detour is in place.

Hawthorne Road (Waikiki to US395)- This project adds stormwater drainage facilities, trees, curbing, a traffic signal, bike lanes, striping and roadway rehabilitation. 

Hawthorne Road (Division to US2)- This project adds stormwater facilities, trees, curbs, signals, bike lanes, striping and includes roadway rehabilitation.


Indiana Parkway from Desmet Court to Steen Parkway- Closed through Thursday, June 16 at 5 p.m. for utility work. Signs redirect traffic via Mission Parkway.
Southbound Sullivan Road Bridge- Traffic is reduced to one lane northbound and two lanes southbound. Southbound Sullivan Road at Flora Pit Road will be reduced to one lane on Wednesday, May 11 from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Northbound traffic is restricted to vehicles ten feet wide or less.  Oversized vehicles should use Barker Road or Pines Road as alternatives.Turns from Indiana Avenue onto northbound Sullivan Road are reduced to one lane. The Centennial Trail below the bridge is currently open but has been temporarily narrowed.

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