Monday, November 1, 2010

Airport Body Scanner Q & A

Because Spokane International Airport recently got body scanners, I thought you might be interested in some frequently asked questions, and answers, regarding the scanners. For instance, are there health risks associated with the scanners? How does the technology work? Is there an alternative security procedure if I don't want to go through the scanner? Are the images of you in the scanner saved?

For the answer to all those questions and more, here's an article from the Seattle Times.


Hank Greer said...

And just to make sure you turn down the scanner only once, TSA recently changed their pat down procedures.

SRTC Staff said...

Yikes! Thanks Hank. While I'm in no way adverse to a good pat down in the name of national security on occasion, this seems kind of pointless because, as the author points out, people hiding contraband usually do so in body cavities. A good groping isn't going to find something hidden there.

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