Wednesday, November 10, 2010

When Will The Political Signs Come Down?

The Washington State Department of Transportation is reminding property owners it’s time to remove those political signs that are visible from state highways. The Highway Advertising Control Act (you've all read that one right?) “declares that sign control adjacent to state highways is necessary to assure that information of interest to the traveling public is presented safely and effectively, and to conserve the natural beauty of our roadsides.”

That sounds like a big job. So how does WSDOT make it happen? Find out on the WSDOT blog.

And a reminder for those of you who post lost pet or garage sale signs; no signs (other than those used for traffic control) are allowed within the state right-of-way.


hollyrockets said...

I think subsection A.2 states that depending on entertainment value, certain signs can stay in the right-of-way.

SRTC Staff said...

You may be right. I'll have to do further research. In the field, of course.

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