Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spokane/Yakima Rank In Top 10 For Most Car Thefts

Where in the United States do you think the most cars are stolen? A new report by the National Insurance Crime Bureau says Fresno, CA has edged out Modesto as the car-theft capital, but several other California cities are in the top 10.

The good news: nationwide, car theft is slowing down, by 7.2% since 2009.

The bad news: the only regions outside of California in the top 10 are Yakima and Spokane. What the.... ??? You can get the whole story here.


Charles Hansen said...

My dad always told us to park our cars in a well lit up spot, but if you go down my street at night you see a bunch of cars parked in total darkness. I guess the people with the stolen cars need some education, but like my neighbor are too lazy to park their cars in a lit up spot close to their houses. My car is not a a candidate for theft because at 17 years old it is worth very little to sell, but worth a lot to me, and I park it in the garage every night.

SRTC Staff said...

My last car I actually WANTED to be stolen, but despite parking it in dark places, leavign the windows down and doing everything short of putting a 'free car' sign on it, no one would take it. It was also a 'senior car' like yours Charles and apparently not good enough for a thief.

vanillajane said...

When I lived in Spokane I had two cars stolen. We got them back, though...

SRTC Staff said...

Two??? Really? I only know one other guy personally who has ever had his car stolen around here. But twice??

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