Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Oregon Mattress Attacks, Totals Subaru

Cue the dramatic music for this headline: Mattress Attacks Car!!!

Okay, while I make light of it, securing your load really is a serious issue. The subject of this Oregon Live article could have been killed when a mattress flew off another vehicle directly onto hers. And while she had a great view of a floral print, comfort layer queen size bed, she couldn't see the road at all. Her car ended up totalled but she and a passenger were fortunate to suffer only scapes and bruises.

In addition to a safety message, this article also has an interesting list of items that have fallen or blown off cars recently in Oregon. So if I can't talk you into reading it in the interest of education, at least take a look out of prurient curiosity. And by the way, sometimes you can see items fall off cars on the live traffic cameras on the Spokane Regional Transportation Management Center website. So there, just gave you something to do if you had no plans today.


Charles Hansen said...

I have seen air mattresses and inner tubes blow off of boats being towed down the highway, it is interesting to see what has blown off of cars, boats and trailers. I stopped and picked up a couple of blocks of wood last year right in the middle of the road, burned good in my wood stove. :)

SRTC Staff said...

At least you got to 'recycle' what you found. My brother had a snake land on the hood of his car one time (no idea where that came from but he said he almost wrecked his car when he realized what it was). He didn't say what happened to the snake, but judging from his hatred of snakes I'm guessing he didn't take it home. I guess some things (like reptiles) are just harder to secure than others.

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