Monday, April 16, 2012

Ten Ways Your Transportation Costs Are Going Up

Gas prices aren't the only thing going up these days. Transportation is getting more expensive overall as parking and related fees also increase.

The Seattle P-I has ten ways your transportation costs are going up. While this article has some examples that are specific to Seattle, in most cases they translate to our side of the state so the article is still applicable.


Charles Hansen said...

Well if we want good roads, sidewalks, and bike lanes it costs money, and with the gas tax revenues dropping each year while construction costs are climbing more money must come from somewhere. Maybe we should drive less and walk or bike more, so we do not need all the new highways, just fix the ones we already have.

SRTC Staff said...

True, it's the cost of having nice things. Unfortunately they don't pay for themselves and prices are only going up. The bus has been really full lately with gas prices so high. Hopefully a lot of those people will continue to use alternatives to driving alone when (and if!) prices go back down.

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