Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sprague Avenue Sidewalk Improvement Projects Starting Soon

Sidewalk ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) ramp improvements along Sprague Avenue between Havana Street and Fancher Road are expected to start around April 15. The improvements will be constructed in three phases with work hours from 7:00am-3:30pm, Monday through Friday, with overall project completion anticipated in mid-May.

The first phase along Sprague between Havana and the Costco/Lowe's intersection includes upgrading ADA curb ramps on the northeast and southeast corners of the Sprague/Havana intersection, the south side of Sprague at Dearborn Road and Chronicle Road, the southeast corner of Carnahan Road, and the southwest corner of the at Costco/Lowe's intersection.

The second phase involves upgrading ramps on the southeast side of the Costco/Lowe's intersection, the south side of the McKinnon Road and Howe Road intersections, and the southwest corner of the Sprague/Fancher intersection.

The third and final phase is expected to start in early May and will take about five days to upgrade ramps along the north side of Sprague at the Lowe's/Costco, McKinnon and Howe intersections.

The project is 80% funded by a Community Development Block Grant and 20% funded by the City of Spokane Valley. While construction is under way, drivers should expect closures of the curb lane near the work areas, and signs will redirect pedestrians to alternative crosswalks.

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