Monday, November 2, 2015

Transportation Management Center Technology of the 1990s

Holy cow, technology has a come a long way in just a little over 20 years! This video from 1993 shows the newfangled technology of the time at a transportation management center similar to our local Spokane Regional Transportation Management Center (SRTMC). The SRTMC is the center where all the live video feeds of local traffic come in and are monitored for accidents, debris on the road, stalled cars, etc. and reported in order to keep traffic moving. When you're watching the news and a live picture of the freeway or other area roadway is shown, that's the work of the SRTMC.

So this video is a center similar to the SRTMC back in the day and the photo below is the SRTMC currently. Big difference.


Charles Hansen said...

I was looking at some 25 year old magazines and the computer technology then was a lot different than today. Can you imagine the changes in the next 25 years?

SRTC Staff said...

They'll be even bigger! I already can't keep up!

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