Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spokane Bike Month Will Be Here Soon

It's only February, so imagine my surprise at getting my first 'Bike to Work Spokane' email today. It used to be 'Bike to Work Week,' but organizers say Spokane's biking community and events are just too big to fit into one week, so they're designating all of May as 'Spokane Bike Month.'

So what's on the agenda for Bike Month this year? It's still early, but already we know there will be a commute challenge, the local women's bicycling group Belles and Baskets will host a couple rides, the Lilac City Century Ride will take place, a kickoff breakfast, there will be a 'ride of silence' (don't have details on this but am assuming it's for those folks we've lost recently in bicycling accidents), and an information fair, plus lots more. I'll keep you updated as things develop, but wanted to remind you that riding season is right around the corner.


Not said...

Bicycling season begins on January 1st.
- Ventura

SRTC Staff said...

That's true. My apologies. I was just commenting to a co-worker yesterday how many people I've seen out on bikes lately. I was trying to talk him into starting our rides home from work early this year.

Ali said...

Over here in Olympia, we also dedicate the month of May for celebrating cycling to work. Actually I think the whole month is the national bike to work month. It's pretty awesome - the whole biking community gets together and plans some really great events. It's just another reason to celebrate a healthy lifestyle and also the return of summer right around the corner!

SRTC Staff said...

We're not quite on the level of Olympia yet when it comes to Bike to Work month, but we're getting there. Our celebration is growing every year, thanks to some very dedicated volunteers and businesses that support the effort.

vanillajane said...

Wouldn't it be neat if they had an event similar to the Seattle to Portland (STP), but have it go to Spokane? The pass would be BRUTAL! Maybe one leg of the journey could be switching to mountain bikes and going on a trail.

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