Thursday, February 24, 2011

Good Help Is Hard To Find These Days

Hey look! After months of complaining, management FINALLY got me an assistant! With the economy being so bad though we weren't able to pay as much as I would have liked, and had to hire accordingly. This little lady doesn't have a college degree but she draws a mean scary monster. And I have to ask her mom if I need her to work more than an hour or two at a time (and if I could post this picture).

Actually, her mother found out at the last minute that daycare was closed and didn't have any other options so brought her into the office. I watched her while mom was in a meeting, which completely blew my child-disliking cover.


Anonymous said...

Employed by age two and half! So proud. Will have to talk to her about her employer choice however! And she's destine to now compare all future bosses to Staci . . .oh my!

- The Mom

SRTC Staff said...

The good news is that she will probably get Employee of the Month.

Anonymous said...

By the time she finishes college she'll be ready for retirement. Now that's planning.

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