Thursday, July 21, 2011

STA Defends Choice To Place Athiest Ad On Bus

Posting two videos from local news stations in one day?? Crazy!! Well I couldn't pass this story up because I get mad every time I see the STA bus wrapped in the 'Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory' ad. What are they trying to do, blow my diet? So you have to figure, if an ad for chocolate angers me, an ad on a bus for an athiest group could REALLY get some people fired up. KHQ has the story on this free speech issue.


G.Buddell said...

If I have to put up with the "evolution is wrong" and "where are you going after you die?" billboards while driving down Market in Hillyard, I think everyone else can put up with an ad promoting atheism on the bus. Props to the ad company for turning around their decision and going ahead with the ad.

SRTC Staff said...

Thanks @G. Buddell. It's got to be equal opportunity I suppose. It's kind of nice to see a company NOT cave to the pressure sometimes.

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