Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ben Burr Road Vacated For Possible Grocery Store & Trail Project

Spokane County commissioners yesterday agreed Ben Burr Road in south Spokane is unneeded and the public would benefit from a grocery store and trail there that doesn’t require pedestrians and vehicles to share a roadway.

Neighbors in the area are against turning the road over to developer Dave Black for his grocery store project but Commissioner Mark Richard said elected officials needed to “look at the bigger picture” in making their decision.

The Spokesman-Review has the full story.


Spencerlob said...

I live as close as you can get to ben burr road and do not agree. I am fed up with man developing all land they can get their hands on. This is terrible. We have deer in are yard every night but if this yokes goes in we can just push all the wild life in the area back one more time like we always do. Soon there will be no more room for them. What will happen then?

SRTC Staff said...

My parents live in that area too so I've heard how contentious it's been. When they first moved up there, there was even an elk herd that would come through the area. That's one of those catch 22 issues that might make the area safer for the children at the elementary school and other pedestrians, but could affect the quality of life of others. We went through the same thing recently in my neighborhood but won when we took it to the County hearing examiner. That was different though because water quality and access also played a role.

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