Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Survey Says: 2/3 Of WA Residents Willing To Pay More Taxes To Support Transportation System

Nearly 2/3 of Washington residents say they're willing to support an increase in state taxes and fees to support a transportation system, according to results released yesterday from a survey by the state Transportation Commission.

The Commission surveyed 5,500 residents in preparation for a 2012 transportation-related ballot measure that will likely include higher taxes.

The Seattle Times has survey results. And, as a side note, SRTC Board Member Joe Tortorellis is a member of the Washington State Transportation Commission.


Charles Hansen said...

This looks like it is the results of the WADOT survey I and a lot of others took last month, lets hope it does translate into more funding for maintaining roads and bridges and maybe a little for public transportation, sidewalks, etc.

SRTC Staff said...

Yes, I know many local people took the survey, which is a good so that we could get the Eastern Washington population and needs represented. We don't always have the same priorities as the west siders, but it looks like overall we all agree that something's got to be done to fix the infrastructure and it will cost us all a little more.

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