Thursday, August 29, 2013

Road Construction Updates For Next Week

Most construction work will be suspended by noon on Friday, August 30 in anticipation of increased holiday traffic.  Work resumes Tuesday, September 3rd.  Most of the other projects underway on state highways in the Eastern Region will not affect Labor Day weekend holiday travel.

I-90/Salnave-SR 902 Interchange to Four Lakes-SR 904 Interchange- Tuesday through Thursday, September 3-5, eastbound or westbound I-90 reduced to one through lane at various work locations for crack sealing.

SR 27/32nd Ave. to Trent Ave.- Striping lane lines and placing other pavement markings starts after Labor Day weekend.  Be alert for lane restrictions between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. as crews grind out top layer of roadway and resurface with Hot Mix Asphalt. 

SR 291/Division Street to the Stevens County Line- Mainline paving is complete.  Paving of the side street approaches continues between Rifle Club Rd. and Division St.  Pavement repair at the Seven Mile/SR 291intersection is scheduled for the week of September 3-6.  Surface grinding will also commence in spot locations for the entire job. 

North Spokane Corridor/Francis Avenue Bridge and Intersection Improvements- Expect congestion and long delays near the Francis Avenue/Market Street intersection and the Francis Ave./Freya Street intersection, especially during the morning and afternoon commute hours. The south shoulder is designated for pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

I-90/Division Street to Liberty Park- Lane restrictions on I-90, both eastbound and westbound in downtown Spokane during evening and overnight hours on Tuesday, September 3. There will be intermittent shoulder closures on I-90 between Maple and Hamilton during daytime hours to
replace conduit, poles, wiring, and light fixtures including installing luminaires on I-90 from Latah Creek to the Hamilton Interchange.

I-90 Westbound/Liberty Lake-Harvard Road Interchange Roundabout- Lane restrictions, rough roadway, slow traffic, and congestion with possible delays as crews construct a roundabout. Southbound Harvard Rd. is reduced to one lane.  Mission Ave. is open.  Bicycles and pedestrians using the sidewalks and trail should be alert for construction activity and slight detour around the work area at various times, with possible gravel surface in some locations. 

US 195/Cheney-Spokane Road Interchange- Northbound US 195 is reduced to one through the vicinity of Cheney-Spokane Road.  Northbound drivers need to use Qualchan Road to access Cheney-Spokane Road.  The southbound off ramp to Cheney-Spokane Road is now closed. This is a long-term construction configuration.  The US 195/Inland Empire Way intersection is now closed.  Inland Empire Way traffic is directed to the Thorpe Road intersection.  This is a permanent closure to accommodate the new northbound Cheney-Spokane Road northbound on ramp
Washington Bridge Lane Restrictions- Lane restrictions on the northbound Washington Bridge for joint repair Sept.4. Restriction in place overnight.

14th Ave. from Lincoln to Grand Rehabilitation- Unanticipated additional work, including a water main repair and gas line repair, has delayed this project. Paving of 14th from Bernard to just west of Division is complete.  The crosswalk striping and permanent sign installation has been completed as well.  This does not include the Division intersection. 
Crestline Rehabilitation Project- This project will replace the water main in Crestline from 37th to 57th avenues; provide curb-to-curb rehabilitation of the street from 44th to 53rd avenues; and add bike lanes, sidewalks and stormwater swales along the 44th to 53rd avenue stretch. 
Third Ave. from Division to Arthur- Arthur is closed at Third Avenue; Sherman Avenue is the detour route.  The project also includes replacing a 12-inch water main.  One lane of traffic remains open, and local access to businesses is maintained.  Work will continue into October.

25th Ave. Construction- Work on 25th Avenue from Freya Street to Rebecca Street continues for paving and curb repair, and sidewalk and swale installation.
Euclid Ave. Water Main Replacement- Lane restrictions continue on North Foothills Drive with one lane open each direction from Napa to Crestline. The project will replace the current water main with a larger one in Euclid Avenue. 
Rockwood Blvd. Rehabilitation- A project to rehabilitate Rockwood Boulevard from Cowley to Southeast Boulevard and Upper Terrace Road from Rockwood Boulevard to 17th Avenue continues. Phase 2, from Cowley to Garfield, is closed to through traffic and is under full construction.  Phase 1work continues on Rockwood from Southeast Blvd to Garfield and is open to local traffic on base lift asphalt.  Traffic restrictions apply in all areas with local access provided.
Sullivan Rd UPRR bridge just south of Marietta - Reduced to one lane each direction Monday through Friday for southbound bridge resurfacing.  Expect congestion and delays.  Those whose destinations are outside the project area are encouraged to use alternative routes such as Flora Road or Pines Road.

Farwell Rd from Market to North Spokane Corridor- Closed for summer.

Argonne Rd. Reconstruction- Restricted to one lane each direction between Wellesley and Bigelow Gulch.

Greenwood Rd from Grove to Flint- Closed to traffic. Anticipated paving Sept. 5 and 6.

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