Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Is Vanpooling the New Answer to All Kinds of Transportation Issues?

It's basically vanpooling on a real-time basis. Transportation wonks say that "Bridj" will be the new Uber. Bridj has 13-person vans that, for $3 to $5, will take people directly from point A to point B, while sharing the ride with other people.

The trips will be a little slower than taking your own car, faster than taking the bus and cheaper than driving yourself and paying for parking. Bridj CEO Matt George says “We don’t have routes or schedules. The routing is dynamic. People tell us where they need to go. We direct them to a pop-up mass transit stop. The vehicle expresses them to a drop-off point within a five- to ten-minute walk of their destination.”

Cool idea huh? So where will Bridge start up? And will the private company threaten local public transit systems?

Bacon's Rebellion asked the company CEO these questions and more.

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